Assignment Submission Procedure

Step 1: Download your assignment from Ignou’s assignment page

  • Be careful as to download assignments for the current year only. Many students mistakenly download the previous year’s assignment, only to find out on the submission day. Your entire hard work will amount to a big zero if you download the wrong assignment.

Step 2: Sheets

  • A4/fullscape size sheets that are ruled on both sides are standard all across study centers. You can buy punched sheets if you intend to submit them in punched files.
  • Please don’t tear pages from a register to write your assignment. It looks very untidy and unappealing.
  • Don’t use colored sheets. Colored sheets are an unnecessary expense as it’s clearly stated in Ignou’s regulations that assignments should be made on white sheets only.
  • Print outs are not allowed. You have to write your whole assignment. However, you can paste printouts of complicated diagrams and graphs.
  • Your teachers can guide you best on that as it varies from course to course.

Step 3: Writing Assignments

  • In the process of doing assignments yourself, you’ll read and try to understand the topics given in books. If you sincerely complete your assignment by reading and understanding concepts by yourself, more than 50% preparation for your exams will already be over.
  • Your assignment will be unique and might make a solid first impression.
  • You don’t have to worry about the viva.
  • If you choose to copy your assignment, then kindly prepare for the viva very well. If you give a solid viva, then you can also score high marks in assignments.

Step 4: Submission date

  • When you download the assignment from Ignou’s website, the last date of submission is generally written on the front page of every course’s assignment.

[Image Source: Ignou Assignment]

[Image Source: Ignou Assignment]
  • Although the date mentioned in the assignment is always extended later on for about 15–20 days. But to be on the safer side, complete your assignment well within the mentioned date in your assignment.

Step 5: Submission Day

  • Organize your assignments in files neatly and orderly.
  • Go to your Study Center and they will give you a receipt to fill. After filling, it will be stamped and signed in your study center. Keep the receipt very carefully until the results are declared. Receipt comes in handy if your assignment marks aren’t updated on Ignou’s website.
  • Afterward, give your assignment to the teacher. S/he will start checking it and simultaneously take your viva on the side.

Step 6: Final confirmation

  • When the results are declared, do check in your grade card that your assignment marks are updated duly. If any concerns, contact the regional center with your assignment submission receipt.

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